X.VISION - Global thinking, National development

50 years of experience 

Maadiran is one of the most experienced producers in electronics and computers market with a huge number of innovative productions during 50 years of activity. First calculator, money counter machines, type machines, fax and personal computers were presented in Iran market by Maadiran.

Epson, Sharp, LG Electronics, Renault and etc. are some of the famous global companies that chose Maadiran to be their partner in Iran market as distributer or consultant, from 1966 until today.

Maadiran has opened its doors for bussiness developments in new opportunities by inside and outside cooperations. Our goal is to create an innovative and participative enviroment for society and the organization improvement.

After sales service

X-VISION products are already supported by number one guarantee of Iran, Maadiran. Today, 330 engineers & technicians in 560 service centers are taking care of 92,000 individual and organizational costumers. 


X.VISION Inc. is an Iranian privately held company that produces AV components, consumer electronics and home appliances. This company was founded in 2006 and headquarted in Maadiran tower, Tehran, Iran. X-VISION is one of the subset brands of Maadiran as a well-known and sustainable multi-business company. In 2006, Maadiran decide to produce X-VISION televisions in order to enter AV market. Monitors, gamepads, tablets, DVB-T and lately in 2015 home appliances were added to the portfolio to grab a remarkable market share.

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Head Quarter
  • 021 - 82266
  • Maadiran building - No.3 - Aftab Sq. - Khoddami St. - Vanak - Tehran
  • info@xvision.ir
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